10 aspects to choose a sustainable construction home

Old construction buildings, or those that did not take sustainability into account when they were built, are the origin of the cause of more than 30% of greenhouse gas emissions in the world.

It is time to be conscious about caring for the environment. The way we build our homes is also a mean through which we contribute to it.

Sustainable construction becomes the best way to reduce the impact of creating new homes. Therefore, both today and in the future, it should be promoted. In addition to helping preserve our ecosystems, sustainable architecture brings a lot of unquestionable benefits.

In Caralca we are committed to sustainable construction. To achieve this, we control the entire construction process of new construction. In this way we ensure the choice of efficient energy facilities and the materials to be used in the construction process, in addition to opting for the use of renewable energy throughout the process.

Consequently, we reduce waste production and environmental impact. But if you’re still not sure, these 10 aspects to choose a sustainable construction floor will make you decide:

1 Care of the environment. In Caralca we put all the means at our disposal to add to the environment.

2 Decrease waste production. Circular economy allows this to happen. Reduce, reuse and recycle become one of the main premises to reduce the large amount of waste generated during the construction process.

3 Generate less CO2. Ideally, the production of toxic gases during the construction and subsequent use of its buyers is minimal or none. Our sustainable construction floors are created to reduce CO2 emissions. Reducing energy consumption translates into savings for you and yours.

4 Reduces the environmental impact. An energy efficient home considerably reduces CO2 emissions generated by electricity, heating or ventilation; in other aspects. For this, different processes are carried out, such as thermal insulation and building orientation towards a better use of natural light.

5 Improves the quality of life of its owners. The choice of materials from nature and the reduction of CO2, among other benefits, allow living in a healthier environment.

6 Use of renewable energy compared to others with high environmental impact. In Caralca we are committed to the use of clean and inexhaustible energy sources.

7 Protects biodiversity and ecosystems. Sustainable construction must respect its close environment, incorporating nature into the design in an aesthetic, functional, and integrated way to make buildings healthy, pleasant, and productive places. All this while maintaining the conditions of comfort, where you and your family remain the protagonists of your home and the surrounding scenery.

8 Reduce demand on municipal infrastructure and services. This is because they usually have their own integrated services that meet the needs of their owners.

9 Reduces pollution. The way to achieve this is to choose to install sustainable construction in places where the use of public transport is favoured, thus promoting Eco mobility.

10 Water supply reduction. Buildings with sustainable construction take advantage of the surrounding water such as rain. In figures, this translates into a reduction of water consumption up to 50%, applying technology focused on improving sustainability.

We hope we have helped you to expand your knowledge about sustainable construction and its multiple benefits. If you are thinking about investing in a house or creating a home for you and your family, opting for sustainable construction, you will succeed! Join Caralca in caring for the environment without giving up anything.

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