¿Que es una construcción sostenible?

What is sustainable architecture?

We have written and talked a lot in other posts that our constructions, and in general all of them, should take care of energy efficiency. That is why, whenever we talk about carrying out sustainable architecture projects, we should take into consideration the care of the environment and how construction projects should meet the needs of energy consumption in their construction materials.

That is why sustainable architecture should be an ecological architecture in several aspects.

Basic aspects of an architecture that meets sustainability requirements.

For a construction to be sustainable, the most essential thing is to tend to be a comfortable architecture with respect to the environment, reducing as much as possible the environmental impact as well as its footprint, thermal comfort and use of materials and natural resources.

For that, what we should focus on, is the maximum use of natural light, the use of recycled materials and most importantly, the use of renewable energy such as solar panels, geothermal energy, etc.

But to comply with all these aspects, a high level of investment is not necessary, but to have a good research and prior analysis of the orientation of the house, so we take full advantage of the daylight hours of the house, and we guarantee comfort and social welfare of it.

In addition, we must also pay attention to the insulation since good insulation guarantees that the loss of heat in winter and the loss of cold is the minimum in summer. Therefore, construction materials must be what guarantees that isolation, so from Caralca we study conscientiously the construction materials determining the thickness and the constructive forms of them to guarantee environmental sustainability in our constructions.

As every construction is like a live organism, and these must breathe, for that reason, and without ceasing to think about the materials, insulation and orientation of sustainable housing, we must think about creating an excellent project, in order to achieve a highly healthy home for the environment. That is why ventilation is essential and incorporating windows with low caloric impact and heat recuperates into the home, contribute greatly to the thermal variation and emptying of clean air by stale air.

Finally, we want to highlight the colour in this type of housing. Either by aesthetics, by decorative order or by traditional, a project that wants to be labelled as sustainable must meet a minimum impact on the environment. That is why white, earth and green colours, whether for their own surrounding gardens, or their roofs, should prevail in their decoration.

But all this of creating sustainable constructions, has no other meaning than to be able to offer our future generations a world equal to or better than the one we now have. In addition to having an awareness of social sustainability about the human activities that only few companies have, and Caralca does, we believe that economic growth can only be available if we think green, and under our opinion, sustainability comes together when we talk about the environment.

promotora inmobiliaria

Advantages of trusting a real estate developer

If your intention is to buy or rent a new development home, you will have already realized how complicated it is to have everything under control. That is why to choose the ideal real estate developer can be essential to act correctly and avoid situations that are beyond our control.

Following, we are going to mention 8 reasons to trust a real estate developer:

8 reasons to trust a real estate developer:

Missing some knowledge

Caralca is a real estate developer with a portfolio of more than 1,000 new development homes and experience in the sector, something that can help you with this problem, solving normal situations of inexperience and helping each client throughout the purchase process.

Advice when purchasing a new home

If you are looking to buy a new construction home, advice is essential to carry it out, and more so if you are in hands of professionals who work transparently to offer you the best real estate developments, building trust relationships, significantly reducing work and stress It can lead to finding a custom home.

Dedication and commitment

Caralca faces each new project with enthusiasm and exclusive dedication with each client. We work to offer the best solutions, We build long lasting relationships with each of the new owners and we accompany you throughout the purchase process because we want to be with you and support you when you make one of the most important decisions of your life. Our goal is to make the home you had always dreamed of, come true.

New development homes´ offer

Who does not like someone who finds offers for you?, A specialized real estate developer is able to work to offer you the best opportunities in new development properties market according to your needs, personalized promotions and much more.

We invite you to know the promotions that we have available in Caralca

Possibility of getting a brand new apartment.

If your intention is to buy an apartment/home and forget about problems and reforms, then a real estate developer can provide you with an ideal solution to your problems.

A new construction development saves time and works or renovations, being able to customize your space for a dream home tailored to each owner.

Safe Purchase

It is not something new that there are scams or deceptions in the real estate sector, that is why deciding to choose a real estate developer of trust is always guarantee when buying.

In Caralca we make sure and we can offer totally transparent conditions that provide you with absolute certainty that the conditions and services received will be totally legal, with data protection and without any risk of loss for the client.


When you want to buy a home there are many options, it is very common to demand a sustainable and profitable property.

That is why choosing a good real estate developer, will offer you a more specialized and efficient communication that will help you find innovative and low consumption solutions.

Customer Service

In addition to the aforementioned reasons for choosing a trusted real estate agency, it is also worth noting the customer service, an added value highly appreciated by the clients and for which we work in Caralca.

The purpose is to have our customers highly satisfied with the services provided, therefore, which we work towards getting as many positive feedbacks as possible of their experience and we do not end our relationship just after the sale/purchase, we continue it with them because we care about their satisfaction.


10 aspects to choose a sustainable construction home

Old construction buildings, or those that did not take sustainability into account when they were built, are the origin of the cause of more than 30% of greenhouse gas emissions in the world.

It is time to be conscious about caring for the environment. The way we build our homes is also a mean through which we contribute to it.

Sustainable construction becomes the best way to reduce the impact of creating new homes. Therefore, both today and in the future, it should be promoted. In addition to helping preserve our ecosystems, sustainable architecture brings a lot of unquestionable benefits.

In Caralca we are committed to sustainable construction. To achieve this, we control the entire construction process of new construction. In this way we ensure the choice of efficient energy facilities and the materials to be used in the construction process, in addition to opting for the use of renewable energy throughout the process.

Consequently, we reduce waste production and environmental impact. But if you’re still not sure, these 10 aspects to choose a sustainable construction floor will make you decide:

1 Care of the environment. In Caralca we put all the means at our disposal to add to the environment.

2 Decrease waste production. Circular economy allows this to happen. Reduce, reuse and recycle become one of the main premises to reduce the large amount of waste generated during the construction process.

3 Generate less CO2. Ideally, the production of toxic gases during the construction and subsequent use of its buyers is minimal or none. Our sustainable construction floors are created to reduce CO2 emissions. Reducing energy consumption translates into savings for you and yours.

4 Reduces the environmental impact. An energy efficient home considerably reduces CO2 emissions generated by electricity, heating or ventilation; in other aspects. For this, different processes are carried out, such as thermal insulation and building orientation towards a better use of natural light.

5 Improves the quality of life of its owners. The choice of materials from nature and the reduction of CO2, among other benefits, allow living in a healthier environment.

6 Use of renewable energy compared to others with high environmental impact. In Caralca we are committed to the use of clean and inexhaustible energy sources.

7 Protects biodiversity and ecosystems. Sustainable construction must respect its close environment, incorporating nature into the design in an aesthetic, functional, and integrated way to make buildings healthy, pleasant, and productive places. All this while maintaining the conditions of comfort, where you and your family remain the protagonists of your home and the surrounding scenery.

8 Reduce demand on municipal infrastructure and services. This is because they usually have their own integrated services that meet the needs of their owners.

9 Reduces pollution. The way to achieve this is to choose to install sustainable construction in places where the use of public transport is favoured, thus promoting Eco mobility.

10 Water supply reduction. Buildings with sustainable construction take advantage of the surrounding water such as rain. In figures, this translates into a reduction of water consumption up to 50%, applying technology focused on improving sustainability.

We hope we have helped you to expand your knowledge about sustainable construction and its multiple benefits. If you are thinking about investing in a house or creating a home for you and your family, opting for sustainable construction, you will succeed! Join Caralca in caring for the environment without giving up anything.

Eficiencia energética en una vivienda de obra nueva

Energy efficiency in a new construction home

Are you thinking of buying a new home? If so, surely worry about factors such as geographical location, the number of rooms or the number of square meters of it. Today, we would like to remind you of the importance of an aspect to be taken into account in the times in which we live: energy efficiency in a new construction home.

Do you know the subject? You have doubts? We recommend that you keep an eye on this post because it will help you a lot. In addition, it is a very important requirement that as of December 31, 2020, will be compulsory .

If we add to this the extra cost of economic savings, the idea sounds much more than good, right?

What is energy efficiency in a new construction home?

The energy efficiency certificate in a new construction home is an official document that shows the energy consumption of a house. If consumption is high, energy efficiency will be low. Therefore, the less energy the house needs, the more efficient it will be.

This certificate is mandatory from July 1, 2013, but its requirement is increasing from January 2020 as the European Union aims to reduce energy consumption to combat climate change. For these dates, the energy efficiency in a new construction home is expected to be of high value. That is, they will have to subsist mainly, from the use of renewable energy.

But how do you get a home to be energy efficient? Well, there are several actions that we can do to achieve it. One of the most important is to carry out a thermal insulation process. For example, installing double glazed windows to protect our home from both cold and outside heat. Likewise, it is highly recommended to be aware of possible air leaks in any corner of our home.

Lighting is also an indispensable element to consider in an energy efficient home. One way to reduce energy consumption can be by

the installation of energy-efficient LED lights or the construction of large windows to take advantage of natural light much more. As well as the installation of solar panels.

But, also, we can reduce consumption by changing our habits. How? Disconnecting electronic devices when they are not being used, thus avoiding standby mode. Turning off the light in those areas of the house where we are not. Or maintaining an optimal temperature in our refrigerators and freezers. In short, it is a matter of using common sense.

How to calculate energy efficiency in a new house?

The energy efficiency in a new construction home is calculated from CO2 emissions. That is, it takes into account the energy generated by electricity, heating or ventilation; among other aspects. Therefore, the amount of CO2 emitted is divided between the square meters of the house.

From the result obtained, an energy certificate will be generated. These certificates are divided into several from letter A to G, the most efficient being the one with the first letter of the alphabet. The next two (B and C) are also considered as efficiently green certificates.

This qualification affects the quality of life, but also the economic savings, the difference between the different certificates being quite remarkable. For instance, a variation of € 1697 per year is estimated between those homes that have the type B rating and those that have the type G rating, according to the Energy Efficiency Observatory in Spain.
energy efficiency in new construction housing

And so far our post on energy efficiency in a new home! We hope we have helped you to understand better and solve your doubts. And remember that if you are also after efficiency like us, the various new developments that you can find in Caralca; They are the perfect home for you!

new flats with swimming pool

New flats with swimming pool, why to choose one?

Currently, the new flats with swimming pool have become one of the most demanded constructions by those interested in obtaining a home, either as a home address, as a second home address or even as a real estate investment.

When it comes to choosing new flats with a pool, it is essential to take into consideration several tips in this regard, as well as to know what are the main advantages that can come from buying a totally new construction house with a swimming pool. Let’s see it!

Tips for choosing new flats with swimming pool

How to choose a new apartment that has a pool? What are the aspects to consider before deciding on one of the many new floors with swimming pool that exist in the market? The following recommendations can be very useful:

Quality of the house
It would be useless to have a house with a swimming pool if it is not able to offer the highest quality standards in terms of brands and materials used in the construction of the apartment. The quality of the house is key.

Sustainability and low consumption
It is essential that a floor is sustainable and offers low consumption, not only to guarantee the minimum expense to the owners of it, but to take care of the environment that surrounds us and cause the minimum negative impact on our environment.

Location of the house
Another aspect that should not be overlooked is the exact location in which the house is located. The ideal is that the house enjoys a privileged location and that has in the surroundings all the basic services that can be essential in the day to day.

Size of the pool
If you want to enjoy more space comfort and freedom, it is convenient that the pool has a good size and that allows all residents to enjoy it without feeling any stress. The size of the pool is an important aspect to consider.

Advantages of new construction houses with pool

Do you want to know the advantages of having new construction flats with swimming pools? Below you will find a list that shows the main advantages of betting on a floor that has a pool:

Greater revaluation of the house
Flats that have a swimming pool increase their value very quickly with the passage of time, especially when the floors are located in privileged areas. It is a really interesting and successful investment; that will allow you to obtain great benefits.

Incites to practice sports
Having a pool allows to increase the practice of sport by all the members that live in the house. It encourages you to lead a much healthier life and to enjoy a much more active life. A pool allows you to practice countless exercises that will keep your body in shape.

Greater lively summer
There is nothing that invites more to have fun with the family than to always have a pool during the hot summer months. With a pool you can refresh yourself whenever you want and have a great time with the little ones at home without having to leave your urbanization or move around. Fun is guaranteed!

Maintenance without complications
Another of the great advantages of investing on new construction flats with swimming pool is to be able to completely forget about the maintenance of this one, saving you a lot of time and money in its cleaning and care; in comparison to totally pools in the private houses.

Complete availability
The good thing about choosing to live in flats with a pool is that you have it at your complete disposal. Logically, respecting a rest schedule and maintaining the quiet required by the neighbors; You can use it at any time and whenever you feel like it. Is there something more comfortable to enjoy without leaving the house and at any time?