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Basic tips to make the move and not to fail in the attempt

Surely you think that making a move is a boring, long, expensive, stressful process … From Caralca, we want make the start in your new home to be the best possible. To achieve this, we indicate some tips on how to make the move in an organized and effective way.


To make a house move, we recommend that before you store your belongings and furniture in boxes, make a preliminary cleaning to select what you need and what you like to take to your new home and what other things are dispensable. It is a good time to put aside objects that you no longer use or that are not in good condition. In this way, you will avoid hours of unpacking things that you will not use and you will have more spaces to pack what you really need.



After these steps, you can start packing. We recommend that you use labels in order to make the move in a more organized way, depending on the contents of the boxes, to mark the fragile objects. It also uses bubble paper for its packaging. It will help you protect the most fragile objects. Use both boxes and garbage bags. A trick: distribute the boxes for stays in the house. Thus, it will be easier for you to later locate everything you need for each space in your new home.



Regarding the furniture, if you want to make the move in a more comfortable and quick way do not empty all the drawers. The objects that do not weigh much or even a large part of the clothes, you can leave inside the furniture. Of course, make sure to seal it well so that it does not open. In this section, it is convenient that you protect and seal all the corners of the furniture well and if you have disassembled more than one, keep all the screws in a bag that you then have located.


Last but not least, when you have finished your house move, celebrate it! Now you will begin to enjoy your new home, is the beginning of stories, laughter and dreams of the hand of Caralca.

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