Eficiencia energética en una vivienda de obra nueva

Energy efficiency in a new construction home

Are you thinking of buying a new home? If so, surely worry about factors such as geographical location, the number of rooms or the number of square meters of it. Today, we would like to remind you of the importance of an aspect to be taken into account in the times in which we live: energy efficiency in a new construction home.

Do you know the subject? You have doubts? We recommend that you keep an eye on this post because it will help you a lot. In addition, it is a very important requirement that as of December 31, 2020, will be compulsory .

If we add to this the extra cost of economic savings, the idea sounds much more than good, right?

What is energy efficiency in a new construction home?

The energy efficiency certificate in a new construction home is an official document that shows the energy consumption of a house. If consumption is high, energy efficiency will be low. Therefore, the less energy the house needs, the more efficient it will be.

This certificate is mandatory from July 1, 2013, but its requirement is increasing from January 2020 as the European Union aims to reduce energy consumption to combat climate change. For these dates, the energy efficiency in a new construction home is expected to be of high value. That is, they will have to subsist mainly, from the use of renewable energy.

But how do you get a home to be energy efficient? Well, there are several actions that we can do to achieve it. One of the most important is to carry out a thermal insulation process. For example, installing double glazed windows to protect our home from both cold and outside heat. Likewise, it is highly recommended to be aware of possible air leaks in any corner of our home.

Lighting is also an indispensable element to consider in an energy efficient home. One way to reduce energy consumption can be by

the installation of energy-efficient LED lights or the construction of large windows to take advantage of natural light much more. As well as the installation of solar panels.

But, also, we can reduce consumption by changing our habits. How? Disconnecting electronic devices when they are not being used, thus avoiding standby mode. Turning off the light in those areas of the house where we are not. Or maintaining an optimal temperature in our refrigerators and freezers. In short, it is a matter of using common sense.

How to calculate energy efficiency in a new house?

The energy efficiency in a new construction home is calculated from CO2 emissions. That is, it takes into account the energy generated by electricity, heating or ventilation; among other aspects. Therefore, the amount of CO2 emitted is divided between the square meters of the house.

From the result obtained, an energy certificate will be generated. These certificates are divided into several from letter A to G, the most efficient being the one with the first letter of the alphabet. The next two (B and C) are also considered as efficiently green certificates.

This qualification affects the quality of life, but also the economic savings, the difference between the different certificates being quite remarkable. For instance, a variation of € 1697 per year is estimated between those homes that have the type B rating and those that have the type G rating, according to the Energy Efficiency Observatory in Spain.
energy efficiency in new construction housing

And so far our post on energy efficiency in a new home! We hope we have helped you to understand better and solve your doubts. And remember that if you are also after efficiency like us, the various new developments that you can find in Caralca; They are the perfect home for you!

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