¿Que es una construcción sostenible?

What is sustainable architecture?

We have written and talked a lot in other posts that our constructions, and in general all of them, should take care of energy efficiency. That is why, whenever we talk about carrying out sustainable architecture projects, we should take into consideration the care of the environment and how construction projects should meet the needs of energy consumption in their construction materials.

That is why sustainable architecture should be an ecological architecture in several aspects.

Basic aspects of an architecture that meets sustainability requirements.

For a construction to be sustainable, the most essential thing is to tend to be a comfortable architecture with respect to the environment, reducing as much as possible the environmental impact as well as its footprint, thermal comfort and use of materials and natural resources.

For that, what we should focus on, is the maximum use of natural light, the use of recycled materials and most importantly, the use of renewable energy such as solar panels, geothermal energy, etc.

But to comply with all these aspects, a high level of investment is not necessary, but to have a good research and prior analysis of the orientation of the house, so we take full advantage of the daylight hours of the house, and we guarantee comfort and social welfare of it.

In addition, we must also pay attention to the insulation since good insulation guarantees that the loss of heat in winter and the loss of cold is the minimum in summer. Therefore, construction materials must be what guarantees that isolation, so from Caralca we study conscientiously the construction materials determining the thickness and the constructive forms of them to guarantee environmental sustainability in our constructions.

As every construction is like a live organism, and these must breathe, for that reason, and without ceasing to think about the materials, insulation and orientation of sustainable housing, we must think about creating an excellent project, in order to achieve a highly healthy home for the environment. That is why ventilation is essential and incorporating windows with low caloric impact and heat recuperates into the home, contribute greatly to the thermal variation and emptying of clean air by stale air.

Finally, we want to highlight the colour in this type of housing. Either by aesthetics, by decorative order or by traditional, a project that wants to be labelled as sustainable must meet a minimum impact on the environment. That is why white, earth and green colours, whether for their own surrounding gardens, or their roofs, should prevail in their decoration.

But all this of creating sustainable constructions, has no other meaning than to be able to offer our future generations a world equal to or better than the one we now have. In addition to having an awareness of social sustainability about the human activities that only few companies have, and Caralca does, we believe that economic growth can only be available if we think green, and under our opinion, sustainability comes together when we talk about the environment.

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