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Tips for buying a new house

If you have landed at this post, it is because you already have a firm decision: you want to buy a new construction house. Therefore, what recommendations can we propose so that when choosing you do it in the best way? Do not miss the tips we have prepared for you. They will help you to make your next home the one you have always dreamed of.

The decision to buy a property is one of the most important moments of our life. Whether as a first home or as a second home, we must always bear in mind a several considerations before making the acquisition. Do not let yourself be guided by impatience and take your time to assess all those aspects necessary for the purchase: how would you like it to be, where would you like it to be, etc.

New Development, a safe bet

Before starting with the list of tips, we would like to point out some of the advantages for which you should decide for a new development home.

  1. Personalization New developments offer you the possibility from the beginning, to modify the rooms partitions and depending on your interests. For example, if you do not want to keep the rooms as they are you can enlarge or divide them according to your need, you could remove some bathroom and give it another use, etc.
  2. Ready to move in. When choosing a new development you will be sure that you have best conditions so that, at the moment of handing over the keys, you can enter immediately to live.
  3. The newly built developments usually have some extra amenities such as garage, common areas, community pool, sports facilities …
  4. Efficiency and sustainability. The vast majority of the homes that are currently built, are characterized by being highly efficient and promote energy savings. They also have a strong sustainability component and often use materials that respect the environment.
  5. Home Automation systems. Can you imagine living in a flat equipped with the latest technology? Home automation has become an indispensable element in new housing developments, incorporating the latest systems that facilitate the day to day of its inhabitants.

As you can see, when it comes to advantages, a new development is a great bet and an investment for the future. Of course, do not get distracted when choosing the one that best suits you. Would you like to know how to do it?


Recommendations for choosing a new development

Let’s do it! We are heading to what is really important and what you were waiting for. Best way of how to choose your new home? Follow our advice and succeed when buying a new development house.

  • This point is one of the main ones when deciding. It is important that your new apartment is well connected and that it is located in an area with maximum facilities for your day to day. Closeness to shops, health services that the area has, schools or institute, leisure areas … Look at everything in the surroundings and find out about the area.
  • Accessibility and public transport. Even if you move in a private vehicle, it is important to consider the means of transport nearby, as well as the communication channels available to move around the rest of the area.
  • Type of flat. One of the most important aspects to take into account before buying your next new development home, is the housing model you are looking for. Duplex, ground floor with garden, attic … Plan what you need and what your future plans are and depending on the answer you give to these questions, select the type of flat that suits you best.
  • Space and distribution. Natural light, open spaces, good orientation, equitable and rational distribution of the rooms; all of them are aspects that we must take into account before proceeding to the purchase of the home.
  • Construction Materials. Another factor to take into account are the materials used to build the property and the quality of them. Look at floors, windows, walls … Everything counts to choose successfully!
  • Common areas. Without a doubt, this is one of the key aspects. Today, the vast majority of owners seek that the house has common areas such as green spaces, community pool, sports facilities, playgrounds for children, etc.
  • New development and garage, are two terms practically they go together. If you are going to buy, having a garage is a great plus for you to decide. You will avoid future parking problems, you will gain in comfort and you will have the peace of mind that your car will always be in a guarded area.
  • Home design. Undoubtedly, surely you are becoming more demanding with the design of the house and want your new home to impress all your guests. Therefore, the design of the home plays a fundamental role and is a good component to take into account when choosing.
  • Energy efficient homes. We advise you to also take into account the efficiency of the home because you will get significant savings and get maximum comfort in your new home. In Spain, this factor is measured with letters being A (most efficient) and G (less efficient) depending on the expenditure that results from elements such as heating, air conditioning and water.

We hope that these tips to buy your next home have been of great help. Now you just have to search for the promotion that suits you and find the home of your dreams. If you want to know our promotions of new construction flats according to the area, visit this section (link promotions) and let yourself go. Your new home is getting closer.

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